getting bored of playing on my own :(
looks like this server is dead
Looks like the server has crashed...
soon as we get home we'll fix that for ya
hi i have the problem where im spawning in dead all the time is there an admin that can help me plz
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Been busy working on adding more things to the server to add some more realism :)

Over the last few days ive added/changed these things:

  • Vehicle ammo is now persistant 
  • Rearm Points added around map
  • Virtual Garage is now in the server, access it at your flag
  • Trader air taxi added
  • Updated the rules a little
  • Much More!

Community Founder 

                Matt :)

Server status: ITS UP!!

Dubbz a posted Jun 29, 16

The Server Is Back Up!!!!! Join It By Typing BG in filter or direct connect IP: Port: 2302



Community Founder


TheSalader @Sjack43 there has been a wipe
sjack43 I found it but I lost my base and money
sjack43 I still can't find it I tried both options and looked in my recent and nothing is coming up

Exile Tanoa

sgtmatty123 a posted Jun 27, 16

Thanks for all the donations guys! We will have a much better server soon for you guys to play on!

If you need to report bugs and glitches please post them on our forum. The quicker you guys post them the quicker i can fix them!!!

 Thanks Everyone!!!

     Matty :)

    Community Nerd

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