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GTA V official gameplay video

Can’t wait to see the finished product for GTA V and their huge new world in the san fierro valley. More...

Nvidia Shield portable gaming

Nvidia Shield Project announced

And here i was thinking we had enough portable gaming systems. Nvidia is getting ready to release a new system to the market, competing with the likes of Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, More...

Borderlands 2 gets ready to launch

The release of borderlands 2 is about a week away. It seems as if we’ve been waiting for a very long time for this phantasmal game to grace our minds and imaginations. More...

Game of Thrones Westeros in…Minecraft?

So as i was browsing kotaku this morning I saw something that brought tears to my eyes. Well maybe not tears, but awe and amazement at least. The group over at WesterosCraft More...

Medal of Honor and SOG Knives

Medal of Honor teamed up with SOG Knives, one of the top manufacturers of tactical knives and tools in the military and law enforcement world for MoH:Warfighter. Here’s a video of them More...

Monthly Archives: April 2012

Diablo 3 DVR alert

As if anyone actually checks this site for up to the date information…Blizzard just announced that they would be airing the premiere of their Diablo III television commercial(so no sex or too much gore) on FOX during family guy which airs at 9p.m./8p.m. central. They said there would be some “juicy bits of never before seen cinematic footage” and it would “set a nightmarish tone as we count the days to the end of days”…oooh ominous. Honestly though, I can’t wait until may 15th. I shouldn’t play the game until a week later when my finals are over but I’m sure the anticipation and “do want” attitude will surpass my resolve and I will give in. Worth it, right?

Halo 4 release date

It would appear halo 4 is coming out on election day. At least there will be something interesting on my TV instead of the laughable politicians our wonderful two party political system puts up. Maybe master chief can run for president, I’d vote for him.

Excercise While gaming

No, not Wii fit or Microsoft Kinect. We’re talking real exercise, where you get out in the fresh air away from that LED monitor giving you a sweet tan and get some sun shine. Maybe not quite but it’s a good first step. These guys put together an awesome set up where you pedal faster to go faster, turn with the handlebars, and break by flying forward over the handlebars(not really but that would be awesome). I’ve been saying they need to implement treadmills for FPS games where you have infinite sprint for ages. It would be “just like real life” to quote FPS Doug but with respawns. Elevated heart rate has to make gaming more exciting too, you’re releasing adrenaline and endorphins plus sweating like a pig letting off such a wonderful aroma.

Blizzard Beta invites

Blizzard just put out another 250k MoP Beta Invites. Also, they put out 275k beta invitesfor Diablo III. Check your account for an invite and remember not to click those fishing emails that you’re probably getting if you play blizzard games. We don’t need anymore cheap mats from some guy that barely speaks English in trade chat. Er…blizz says they don’t want us getting anymore of them, I’m not completely against them as long as I’m the one buying them up. I’ll be sure to report the thieves after taking full advantage.

PAX East has a live reddit board

Via Kotaku

It would appear you can now use Reddit “IRL” if your heart desires and you happen to be at a big convention where they’re present, which they were at PAX east this past weekend. If it were me i might umm…accidentally bump into the board erasing some of the awful trolls saying CoD is the best game ever…but that’s just me. I will give it tot hem though, they’re pretty good at that whole advertising thing.